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FAITHx™ is a global community that focuses on Faith, Culture, Entrepreneurship & Technology.

About Us. 😇

Founded by ARK™, FAITHx™ encourages everyone to honor God, strengthen the bonds of fellowship amongst Believers worldwide and to live out the Christian life with a spirit of excellence!

A FAITHx event focuses on Faith, Culture, Entrepreneurship & Technology through ideas, commentary, information and God’s Word. Our goal is to ignite conversation, connection & fellowship!

Our desire is to be used by God to build you up and help you to become everything God has created you to be! Enjoy fellowship and praise to our King as we schedule FAITHx ministry events around the world and meet with Christ in the middle and discuss God's Word and a variety of topics pertinent to this generation and how to live effectively for Christ.

Why Join Us? 🎯

Join us to meet, connect and fellowship with Christians, faith driven entrepreneurs, investors, companies, events and service providers worldwide like you! Be encouraged and get educated in your walk with God!

- Fellowship, fellowship, fellowship! 🤝

- Become everything God has created you to be! 🏆

- Receive great encouragement and love in Christ! ❤️

- Take free and paid courses! 📚

- Find Technical Co-Founders! 😇

- Connect with Faith Driven Entrepreneurs! 🥳

- Connect with Faith Driven Investors! 🥳

- Invest in Faith Driven Ventures! 🤝

- Offer free and paid educational courses! 🎓

- Market Your Ministry Outreaches and Missions! ✝️

- Market Your Products to Faith Driven Consumers! 🛒

- Find Faith Driven Events to Attend or Market Your Own! 📅

Our Thanks & Gratitude! ❤️

To our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ! 🕊🙏🏻✝️